About Us - The Institute of Culture and Organistic Art (ArteOrg) is a non profit organization established in the form of an association with main headquarters in Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil.

The main purpose of the ArteOrg is to study, to inform, to encourage and to promote the music for organ, since its beginnings until the present times, without restrictions of time neither geographical coverage, establishing partnerships, seeking sponsorships, creating, fomenting and promoting applicable cultural projects, in order to encompass not only the musical creation itself, but also the instruments (organs) and their respective utilization.

It is one of the roles of ArteOrg the promotion of recitals, concerts, CD and video recordings, speeches, seminars, reciprocal exchanges, always having the music for organ as its main core interest .

Currently the President of the Institute is the organist Domitila Ballesteros.

How to become an associate member of the Institute of Culture and Organistic Art

Any musician, being a music instrument player or not, interested in the music for organ, that is or is not in his or her professional duties can be an associate member of ArteOrg, as well as globally, researchers of such music genre and organizations directly or indirectly linked to the Classic Music. For additional information about enrolment, please contact: info@arteorganistica.org.br

E-Mail Contacts

President domitila@arteorganistica.org.br
Webmaster webmaster@arteorganistica.org.br